Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updated to FINAL

Jan 24 - Lost Books of the Odyssey (Mason) an imaginative (and imagined) retelling
Jan 25 - Suicide Casanova (Nersesian) R-rated for language and topics. Produced for
Jan 26 - The Logic of Failure (Dorner) a scientific analysis of how human thinking patterns cause us to fail in working with complex systems
 Jan 31 - The Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival, Belle of the Delaware (Percival) extremely erotic and titillating! Audiobook from LV; I contributed as Horace!
Feb 1 - The Bear and the Dragon (Clancy) good spy novel
Feb 15 - The Waters Rising (Tepper) I loved this from the first page... but then it tailed off to prosaic
Feb 16 - Beyond the Killing Fields (Schanberg) collection of essays from the man whose story is told in the movie
Feb 16 - I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon (Sabia) narrated for Audiobooks by Mike Vendetti, with shortened title
Feb 16 - Combat Helicopters (Scutts) pictures are good; the text bad
Mar 2 - Red Rabbit (Clancy) another good spy novel
Mar 7 - Nights With Uncle Remus (Harris) narrated for LV, gave me good scope for voices!
Mar 17 - Fall From Earth  (Johnson) This one I proof-listened for a fellow Iambiker
Mar 24 - A Discovery of Witches (Harkness) From the national best-seller list... but I don't think it belonged there.
Mar 25 - Reminiscences of Forts Moultrie and Sumter (Doubleday) from the guy who aimed the first Federal cannonshot of the war.
Apr 6 - Pathfinder (Card)
Apr 24 - Executive Orders (Clancy)
Apr 26 - How They Were Found (Bell) A disturbing, yet entertaining set of 13 short stories. Narrated for Iambik.
Apr 28 - In the Shadow of Swords (Gunn) I PL'd this for Iambik. I'm afraid it was a big wind, signifying nothing.
May 10 - The Name of the Wind (Rothfuss) Rightly heralded, I very much liked this!
May 12 - No One Is Illegal (Davis/Chacon) Narrated for Iambik, and STILL not published at end of August. Written by two Marxists; not my cuppa tea.
May 15 - The Napoleonic Wars (Rothenberg) Written by a history professor I once took a course from.
May 26 - Rainbow Six (Clancy) Yet another from the master.
Jun 11 - Druid's Sword (Douglas)
Jun 14 - Chancellorsville & Gettysburg (Doubleday) Written to put a spin on history, by a general who thought he was underappreciated. Narrated for LV.
Jun 19 - The Teeth of the Tiger (Clancy) continuing my clean-up of his back-titles.
Jun 21 - Fight For Your Long Day (Kudera) written by a guy who is now an adjunct prof at Clemson, 45 minutes from here. Narrated for Iambik.
Jul 4 - Hellhole (Herbert/Anderson) entertaining SF, branching away from the Dune stories they've been so successful at.
Jul 6 - The Time Machine (Wells) A classic, read for LV
Jul 16 - The Early History of the Airplane (the Wright Brothers) read for Audiobooks by Mike Vendetti
Jul 19 - While Mortals Sleep (Vonnegut) previously unpublished short stories. While very dated, they're still good!
Jul 26 - In the Woods (French) a Bas Bleu pick, and recommended by my wife. It was good!
Aug 14 - Engines of War (Wolmar) a history of the use of railroads in wartime
Aug 22 - State of Fear (Crichton) Uses published research to debunk global warming as a side plot to this story of environmental organizations going to great lengths for funding
Sep 1 - Blood and Iron (Pournelle, ed.) A second collection of war sci-fi stories. I didn't care for it; his earlier compilation was much better.
Sep 5 - Robopocalypse (Wilson) An excellent book! From the Wall Street Journal book list, this is a series of vignettes in a war of robots against humans. Don't trust your car!
Sep 9 - Cold Harbor (Higgins) Entertaining but improbable.
Sep 14 - The White House Connection (Higgins) Author doesn't understand his material on this one. Not recommended.
Sep 16 - The Bee-Loud Glade (Himmer) Narrated for Iambik. A quiet, peaceful work - not much plot, but a whole lot of serenity. I enjoyed it.
Sep 29 - King Javan's Year (Kurtz) It's been 2 decades since my last Deryni novel, because Kurtz started killing all her characters off. She's still doing it!
Sep 30 - The Stone Gallows (Ingram) Narrated for Iambik. Crime novel set in Glasgow, Scotland.
Oct 7 - The Bastard Prince (Kurtz) Alright, having done King Javan's Year, I might as well continue!
Oct 13 - The Annals of the HeeChee (Pohl) Another series I last read in LONG ago.
Oct 14 - Day of Wrath (Bond)
Oct 20 - The Communist Manifesto (Marx) Read for LV. I was surprised by this; I thought there were a lot of points where I could have debated the author.
Oct 21 - The Lost Gate (Card) Really good and recommended!
Nov 2 - Battle Born (Brown) Another of his "generals behaving badly" books.
Nov 18 - Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Blue, ed.) Narrated for Cleis Press. This is definitely an R-rated book. Thought hard about using a pseudonym!
Nov 20 - Senseless Panic: How Washington Failed America (Isaac) Narrated for John Wiley & Son. Very cogent arguments. Too bad current financial leadership isn't up to snuff.
Dec 10 - The House of Chains (Erikson) Number 4 in his sword & sorcery series.
Dec 11 - Kauai's Geologic History (Blay & Siemers) Fascinating diagrams, although the book got seriously repetitive in the final third.
Dec 28 - Predator: The Remote-Control Air War (Martin & Sasser) After all the news hype, here's the inside scoop. Very interesting.
Dec 29 - Able Team: The WWIII Game (Stivers) absolute trash - I purchased this for $0.25 to tide me over on a road trip... and it wasn't worth that!

TOTAL : 52       I just made my goal of one a week!